Cisco 25G Transceivers and Cables

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Cisco 25 Gigabit ModulesThe 25G Modules are based on SFP28 form factor. 25G Copper Cables. 25G Active Optical Cables (AOC). 25G Transceivers. Additional Information. For Cisco SFP-10/25G-CSR-S Compatible 10/25GBASE-SR  - FSCisco SFP-10/25G-CSR-S Compatible 10/25GBASE-SR SFP28 850nm 100m DOM LC MMF Optical Transceiver Module,Product Specifications,Product Specifications:Cisco 
Cisco SFP-25G-SR-S Compatible 25GBASE-SR SFP28  - FSFS Cisco SFP-25G-SR-S compatible SFP28 optical transceiver provides 25GBASE-SR links up to 100m over multimode fiber (MMF) at a wavelength of 850nm using an Cisco 25GBASE SFP28 Modules Data SheetCisco offers Active Optical Cables in lengths of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10 meters. AOC cable require BASE-R FEC, or RS-FEC on the host ports. Cisco SFP-25G-SR-SCisco 25G Transceivers and Cables Enable 25 GigabitSFP-25G-SR-S transceiver are an ideal solution for those same data center applications that require up 100 meters over OM4 fiber or 70 meters over OM3 fiber SFP28 transceiver module - 25 Gigabit LAN - SFP-25G-SR-SBuy a Cisco - SFP28 transceiver module - 25 Gigabit LAN or other Transceiver Modules  Connectivity Technology : Wired; Cabling Type : Ethernet 25GBase-SR 

Cisco SFP-25G-AOC10M 25GBASE-AOC SFP28 Active Optical Cable, 10-meter

SFP-25G-AOC10M 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-25G-AOC1M 25GBASE-AOC SFP28 Active Optical Cable, 1-meter

SFP-25G-AOC1M 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-25G-AOC2M 25GBASE-AOC SFP28 Active Optical Cable, 2-meter

SFP-25G-AOC2M 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-25G-AOC3M 25GBASE-AOC SFP28 Active Optical Cable, 3-meter

SFP-25G-AOC3M 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-25G-AOC4M 25GBASE-AOC SFP28 Active Optical Cable 4-meter

SFP-25G-AOC4M 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-25G-AOC5M 25GBASE-AOC SFP28 Active Optical Cable, 5-meter

SFP-25G-AOC5M 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-25G-AOC7M 25GBASE-AOC SFP28 Active Optical Cable, 7-meter

SFP-25G-AOC7M 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-25G-SR-S 25GBASE-SR SFP28 Module for MMF

SFP-25G-SR-S 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-H25G-CU1.5M 25GBASE-CR1 SFP28 Passive Copper Cable 1.5-meter

SFP-H25G-CU1.5M 1 pcs

Cisco SFP-H25G-CU1M 25GBASE-CR1 SFP28 Passive Copper Cable, 1-meter

SFP-H25G-CU1M 1 pcs